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Use the Main Street entrance
We're in the Maryland Inn's Crown and Crab Room

to the Treaty of Paris Center!
Home of the
exhibit, a collection of signed, original documents!
The Treaty of Paris Center is the place to learn all about the Treaty of Paris Period, including everything that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe,
James Madison and Alexander Hamilton did
in Annapolis between 1783 and 1787!

After the Revolutionary War ended in 1783, Annapolis was the first post-war, peacetime capital of the United States. During the 1783-87 Treaty of Paris Period, many events of critical importance took place here, including the 1786 meeting that called for the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Annapolis served as a bridge between

the Revolution and the Constitution!

We're open on the first Saturday of each month.
Our next session is March 7 from 11:00am - 3:30pm

Where the History of Annapolis Comes to Life!
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