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Welcome to the Treaty of Paris Center!

Our Grand Opening is

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hours: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Less than 2 weeks away!
Our Grand Opening has been made possible by a generous donation provided by the Fort Severn, Maryland Chapter
of the Daughters of the American Revolution
We are in the Maryland Inn, which is located at the top of Main Street where it intersects with Church Circle. From the Visitors Center, walk around State Circle and you will see the iconic "Maryland Inn" sign (above).
Keep walking down Main Street, past the Starbucks, until you see the Maryland Inn (above). Proceed to the entrance to the Treaty of Paris Restaurant. The Maryland Inn is a property owned and managed by the Historic Inns of Annapolis.
Use the Main Street entrance to the Treaty of Paris Restaurant (where the flags are). We're in the Crown and Crab Room, the first room on the left. This is where the "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents Before Washington" exhibit is on display.

After the Revolutionary War ended in 1783, Annapolis was the first peacetime capital of the United States. Many events of critical importance took place here, including the 1786 meeting that called for the 1787 Constitutional Convention. This era, when Annapolis connected the Revolution to the Constitution, is the Treaty of Paris Period.

Click on the image below to watch Ben Franklin, one of the signers of the Treaty of Paris, urge teachers,

students and the general public to learn more about the entire Treaty of Paris Period (1783-87):

There is only one place to Re-Discover the Treaty of Paris Period:

The Treaty of Paris Center!

Take a journey back in time to when Annapolis was the capital of the United States! You'll be able to watch films, view signed documents, use our interactive computer screens and follow the chronology of the Treaty of Paris Period, 1783-87!
We offer event-specific walking tours (and a building-specific ghost tour!) that focus solely on the Treaty of Paris Period, 1783-87, when Annapolis was center stage!
View documents with the signatures of each of the 14 "Presidents" before George Washington!
See short films on these 14 "Presidents" and the major events of the Treaty of Paris Period, 1783!
Use our interactive computer screens to learn details about each of the 14 "Presidents"!
Come and taste the world famous cuisine of Annapolis at the Maryland Inn's legendary Treaty of Paris Restaurant!

At the Treaty of Paris Center, learn how the role Annapolis played
during the Treaty of Paris Period served as a bridge between
the Revolution and the Constitution!


The Treaty of Paris
1783: The end of the Revolutionary War.
1783-87: The Treaty of Paris Period.


"The Bridge"
The Constitution
1787: The end of the Treaty of Paris Period.

Come spend the day with us!

Sample Visitor's Schedule
7:00am - 11:00am: Breakfast is available at the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.
11:00am - 2:00pm: Lunch is available at the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.
11:00am: Treaty of Paris Center opens. See "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents Before Washington" (with optional audio guide).
11:15am: Film schedule begins.
11:30am: The "George Washington's Resignation" walking tour departs.
12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lecture (see "Calendar" for the topic)
1:30pm: Film schedule resumes.
3:00pm: Treaty of Paris Center closes.
4:00pm: The "From Revolution to Constitution" walking tour departs.
5:30pm - 9:00pm: Dinner is available at the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.
9:00pm: The "Spirits of Mann's Tavern" ghost tour departs.

Visitor Information

The Treaty of Paris Center is in the Crown and Crab Room inside the Maryland Inn in Annapolis, Maryland (beginning on January 3, 2015). The Crown and Crab Room is across the hall from the Drummer's Lot Pub and down the hall from the Treaty of Paris Restaurant. The physical address for the Treaty of Paris Center is 16 Church Circle, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401 (please remember to use the Main Street entrance to the Treaty of Paris Restaurant to get into the Treaty of Paris Center). NOTE: The Treaty of Paris Center has a separate mailing address.*

We will operate on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00am - 3:00pm (beginning on January 3, 2015).

Information for Group Visits:

It takes at least an hour to see all of the exhibits and films and interact with the computer screens--and that's not counting staying for a lecture, taking a walking tour or shopping for souvenirs. Large groups of people or students are encouraged to reserve an arrival time: 11:00am, 12 noon, or 2:00pm. Doors open at 11:00am and close at 3:00pm. To reserve an arrival time for either a guided tour or a self-guided tour of the exhibits, please send an email to Mark Croatti:

To view information on our annual festivals, or to read newspaper articles about us, or to view videos related to our past events, please click here.
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Contact Information

Mark Croatti: Director, The Treaty of Paris Center

Stephen Kling: Chair, Board of Directors, Annapolis Community Foundation

Jennifer Navabi: Executive Director, Annapolis Community Foundation

* The Treaty of Paris Center's Mailing Address:

The Treaty of Paris Center

626C Admiral Drive #113

Annapolis, MD 21401

See you on January 3!
The Treaty of Paris Center is a collaborative endeavor between the Annapolis Community Foundation and Historic Inns of Annapolis (which includes the Treaty of Paris Restaurant). Event partners include the Annapolis Forum, Watermark and St. John's College of Annapolis.
2014. All rights reserved.

To contact the Treaty of Paris Center before January 3, please call the National Continental Congress Historical Society: 202-436-5909