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Were there really


George Washington?


Come see for yourself!

The "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents of Congress Before George Washington" exhibit will be open to the public as a free, self-guided tour on the following date(s):
Date(s):             Sunday, May 17 - Monday, May 18 and then again from Friday, May 22 - Tuesday, May 26 (not available 5/19-5/21)
Hours:               9:00am - 5:00pm.
NOTE: If the sandwich board is placed on the sidewalk in front of the Main St. entrance to the Treaty of Paris Restaurant, then the exhibit is open.
The "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents of Congress
before George Washington" exhibit is
Maryland Inn's
Crown and Crab Room, located at
16 Church Circle, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.

Visitors may enter this room when it is not in use by the hotel.
Use the Main Street entrance for the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.

The Main Street entrance to the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.
The Crown and Crab Room is the first room on the left.

The "
14 Forgotten Presidents of Congress before George Washington"
exhibit (and how it fits into the Treaty of Paris Period, 1783-87) was recently featured on

Baltimore's WBAL Chanel 11 on Presidents' Day, February 18, 2013.

Click on the image below to watch the video:

But were these presidents really presidents?

Did they have any power? Did they do anything important?

President John Hancock signed the                 President Samuel Huntington signed the        President Thomas MIfflin signed the Treaty
Declaration of Independence in 1776.                  Articles of Confederation and was President              of Paris Proclamation on Jan. 14, 1784.
                                                                             of Congress when they were ratified in 1781.
To see interactive portraits of all 14 Forgotten Presidents of Congress, click here.
This exhibit is a great opportunity to learn a piece of history that is often missing from the story of America's creation.
This exhibit is not a "museum"; it is a journey of re-discovery of a time when, prior to the Constitution,
Congress had only one chamber which included a President elected from among its members.
The "America's 14 Forgotten Presidents of Congress Before George Washington" exhibit was reproduced from originals owned by the families of Samuel J. Brown, Dr. Stephen D. Brown and George E. Brown. The exhibit features 14 individually framed presidential "collections" that include a color portrait of a President of Congress, a document signed by him, his bio and a summary of what is taking place in the document. The unicameral version of Congress had their own Presidents, from the first Continental Congress in 1774 to the last legislative session before the Constitution went into effect in 1789. The original documents were the featured exhibit at the Second National Continental Congress Festival, held last September 11-14, 2013 at the Annapolis Masonic Lodge.

The 14 framed presidential "collections" (plus one representing George Washington, for chronological and historical context) ring the Crown and Crab room and make for an excellent visit while touring Annapolis. Learn when each President of Congress served, what city they served and the major events during their terms that influenced American history, including the Treaty of Paris Period (1783-87) when the Treaty of Paris was signed and ratified and the Articles of Confederation were openly critiqued and ultimately replaced. We invite you to see how Annapolis played a key role during this period by viewing this exhibit and the other document replicas inside the Treaty of Paris Restaurant.

The Crown and Crab Room is located on the first level of the Maryland Inn, the first room on the left as you enter from Main Street, next to the Drummer's Lot Pub. To see if the Crown and Crab room is open to the public on any given day,  consult the daily schedule at the top of this page.

To view the virtual collection

of the Brown family's documents,
click here.
To compare the quality of the Brown family's collection to an alternative set of signed documents by the 14 Presidents of Congress, click here
Contact Mark Croatti for a GUIDED TOUR of this exhibit.

Mark Croatti is available to come and speak to your class, school, college or community about "The Treaty of Paris Period (1783-87)" or provide a walking tour for any size group (even 2 or 3 people) covering the following events:

* 1783: The Treaty of Paris is signed in France, Congress arrives and George Washington's resigns as Commander-in-Chief.
* 1784
: The Treaty of Paris is ratified in Annapolis and Thomas Jefferson is appointed to France.
* 1785: Maryland and Virginia sign the Mount Vernon Compact.
* 1786
: The Annapolis Convention meets after Shays' Rebellion begins.
* 1787: Shays' Rebellion ends and the Constitutional Convention starts.


To come speak: Negotiable.
Walking tours: Individuals: $10 each / Under 18: $8 each / Group of 10: $80 / Group of 15: $100 / Group of 20 or more: $120.

To book Mark Croatti to speak or provide a walking tour, email:

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